Our clinicians travel to homes, communities, and schools to provide you and your family with a comprehensive and individualized treatment . We are willing to train extended family members, schools, camp counselors and coaches. Below are some commonly asked questions, that we hope will answer any concerns you may have. As always, please feel free to contact us at 631.331.8759

1) How quickly can I expect to see improvement in my child?

All youngsters and adults are different. There are many contributing factors to how quickly a person can develop new behaviors: physical history, past experiences, age, family supports, and school supports. At CAS, we do an intake and from that information and observation begin to build a comprehensive behavioral plan to include learning new interventions in the office, practicing these interventions in the office, parent education and practice helping to turn each situation into a practice to speak. The plan also involves incorporating the school personnel into the plan so that the youngster can practice interventions in the school as well.

2) Can you come to my child’s school?

At CAS we feel it is critical for a person’s success to collaborate with schools, camps, coaches, and scout organizations. We do have a number of contracts with school districts in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, NY. It is for you and the school to agree upon how to best carry out the youngster’s behavioral plan within the structure of the school.

3) What kind of therapy do you provide?

We use a multimodal treatment approach to treatment. Within the context of play for our younger clients we provide behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, parent training. We provide family, individual, and group therapies across many ages from preschool through adulthood.

4) Do you ever work with anxious adults?

We are willing to provide individual and group therapies for anxious teenagers and adults. We set up Adult Goals with strategies to achieve them. We practice social skills, job interview skills, phone and office skills to name a few.

5) Do you take my insurance?

CAS is a fee for service agency. When you pay at the time of your child’s session, you will receive a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Our fees are reasonable and very competitive.

We also provide a low cost option for those families who qualify. We train interns from Adelphi University School of Social Work and Farmingdale College Psychology Department. All of the interns are trained and supervised by Marian B. Moldan, LCSW-R

6) What if my youngster does not want to come to treatment?

We will work with parents and caretakers for several sessions to slowly engage the youngster. Our therapists may begin treatment in the person’s most comfortable environment initially in order to engage him/her into the treatment. In the meantime, we continue to work with family members to structure the environment to lower the anxiety threshold while practicing new ways of interacting.

If you have any further questions or in need of help or information, please contact our office today!

Call: 631-331-8759 or Email: info@childhoodanxietysolutions.com

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